New book version now on sale!

Welcome to the third and final release of the SHËD book. It’s been 6 years (almost to the day!) since I started the build of my shed and in the 4 years since I first published it over 800 of you have been decent enough to purchase a copy. I reckon I’ve just about paid for the first shed with the proceeds, which is a nice circular journey.

Over the years since I have had lots of readers and shed builders get in touch telling me their experiences – how they’ve altered the design and changed and tweaked it here and there. I’ve attempted to incorporate the best of these into the book and offered my own advice where I thought it might be useful.

I had hoped to be building a second shed in the garden of my new house this summer and to use that build as the basis for a significant update, but alas life has, as they say, gotten in the way (in the form of a leaky house roof, windows which need painting and the creeping realisation that Mrs Jones and I haven’t had a holiday in over 5 years). In reality that means it’s more than likely going to be another year before I can save up the readies to have another crack at it.

I’ve taken the time when I would have been clearing the foundations to have a long hard think about the book and how I could make it more useful and up to date without adding details from another build.

Instead what I have done is update all the links, added a bunch of stuff that has never been in the book before – advice about what to do before you consider building, links to helpful resources that I’ve used over the years to help out readers and research shed 2 and generally polish it up.



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