Featured Build: Meryken’s Somerset shëd!

Proud Shëd builder Meryken Then Bergh got in touch recently to talk roller shutters. She also kindly took the time to have a chat about her build and send me some pictures of the shëd taking shape!

Meryken Then Burgh's shëd is taking shape

I live in Taunton, Somerset and decided to build the shed last year to create a little workshop for myself and my hobbies, which include sewing, woodwork and screen printing.



Meryken – you don’t appear to have a hammer in your hand in this shot?


I actually got round to starting it in June of this year when we lay the concrete base (hideous job) with the help of several amazing friends and family.

Meryken chose to use a polycarbonate roof to let in more light and it’s fair to say it lends the building a lighter, more “low profile” look


Having had a very busy summer going on holiday and to festivals, progress was slow but I’ve managed to speed up over the last few weeks and, thanks to a lovely Indian summer, progressed quite quickly.  The size of the shed is 3.6 metres by 2.6 metres and I am following your advice and cladding it in cedar.


You had me at "cedar"

You had me at “cedar”

The cost of it is growing quite quickly and I have spent about £2500 so far on it and estimate it will cost about £3500 in total but when you compare that to £10000 to £15000 for a custom made one, still seems relatively inexpensive!

Oh, Meryken – one final question… How much DIY knowledge did you have before you started?

As for previous DIY experience… I could put a shelf up!

Thanks for sharing your build with us Meryken – it really does look the business. Do you have a build you’d like to share with the group? Get in touch in the comments section here or via the “contact us” form

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